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Video Interview Sample Clips

Interview with Burt Brown
NOAHC's David Kemp interviews 102 year old Burt Brown about the early days of aviation in World War Two at Fort William and his time as mechanic in the Elementary Flight Training School.

Interview with Gord Leamy
Gord Leamy talks about how he got his start and his apprenticeship flying in northern Quebec at the beginning of his career flying Otter aircraft

Interview with Reno Roneki
Reno Roneki tells David Kemp about the earliest days of building aircraft at Can Car before World War Two, including Elsie MacGill's Maple Leaf trainer, the Gregor Fighter, Grumman, the Hurricane and ...

Interview with Ruth Parsons-Moore
Ruth Parsons-Moore tells Liz Wieben of her adventures as a pilot flying float planes to tourist camps in the Kenora-Shoal Lake area

Interview with Lena McIntyre
Denise Lyzun chats with Lena MacIntyre about working with Trans-Canada Airlines and the coming of regular passenger service to the Lakehead

Interview with Gural Kearney
Mary Kearney and Helen Gural chat with Denise Lyzun about their time as Rosies at Can Car, recollections of their careers building aircraft during World War Two

Interview with Gord Hughes
Gord Hughes of Northland Aviation talks to Liz Wieben of NOAHC about his passion, the legendary Norseman aircraft

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Page Updated on 2016/12/05

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